Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Friday was an in-service day in the school which was cool but it's a very eery feeling being in a school when there are no kids there. The best comment of the day goes to my old physics teacher who said "I bet you thought we did nothing on these in-service days" quite frankly i did think that, and given that all we students did was spend the day in meetings I still think that! I know next year I'll be working more on days like that though and that we didn't get to see all the work being carried out.

We were given talks about the probation year, discipline and behaviour management which were all very informative as well as that we were given the chance to participate in discussions regarding new policies for the school, most of the students ended up in the same room.

I'm trying to plan my lessons for the week which include spreadsheets for second year, automated systems for 4th year, word processing for one of the 3rd year classes and my crit but i keep getting distracted...(Damn internet). If anyone has any advice on spicing spreadsheets or automated systems up please let me know, the best i've got so far is a short video of Wallace and Gromit to try and grab their attention.

I have however today managed to get video's ready for the classes to watch but i'm not sure how much use they actually are.

I'm quite worried about taking over one of the 3rd year classes, they've been up and down like a yoyo over the past 2 weeks and it's been very difficult to step in, even the class teacher has trouble with them and has co-op lessons with the class.

Anyway i best get back to work!


Duncan__ said...

So, no bingo or cream cakes on the in-service day, Andy? Pity.
I too have automated systems looming on the horizon. Where'd you get the Wallace & Gromit "resource" from? If it'll keep 3rd years quiet for 10 minutes, it must be worth a go.

Mr McSwan said...

sorry it was only a 1 minute video, I would say where i got it from but that could get me in trouble, it was just the scene where wallace woke up and everything was done for him from the wrong trousers

Duncan__ said...

Had a quick look on the Wallace and Gromit web site, and (lo! and behold!) there are downloadable QuickTime video clips!
Didn't see the trousers there, but there might be others that could be used.
Automated Systems could be fun ... maybe.

Duncan__ said...

Belated birthday wishes, by the way!

Mr McSwan said...

Thank you very much Duncan