Tuesday, May 30, 2006

East Lothian here I come!

Well about 6 months ago i ticked a little box on a form that said i'd go anywhere for money (Yes I’m greedy so sue me). The votes have been cast, the results counted and verified. I've been assigned to East Lothian. I'm still awaiting word on what school exactly but it's gonna be one of six so watch this space...

That's the APD assignment complete (Part 2 is ready to be handed in now) the C&P classes have pretty much wrapped up and everything else is a distant memory so to quote another blogger it does seem as if the "The guns ... they've stopped!"

It's been an insanely fast ride since august, and next year’s not gonna get any slower.

After speaking with the C&P tutors David Muir informed me that my new LEA are going to be giving every student in the area a blog so it looks like I’ve landed myself in a very ICT friendly authority.

Well when I have more information I’ll put it up here.

Until next time folks!

1 comment:

Duncan__ said...

Thanks for the "Guns" name-check.
Sounds like you're in for a very big adventure, Andy. (Actually, we all are.) Good luck!

P.S. I see you've got yourself a ClustrMap -- fantastic idea, isn't it? Mine just picked up a wee dot in South America and another in Hong Kong.