Thursday, January 29, 2009

ICT Cool Wall

I thought I would post a picture of the Cool Wall as it stands, I will post a list of all items that are on the wall soon.

Unfortunately I've been off sick most of this week, got quite a few websites to play about with next week.

At the start of the year I let the S1 play with vokies however some of the pupils were too young to set up an account with them. The other problem was with Safari not loading the pages properly so I'm turning to Firefox to help me out with that.

Hopefully this one will work Faceyourmanga.


krysia said...

whats in the DB9 fridge then?

Anonymous said...

@krysia - At the R2D2 projector/dvd player and a something called Life on a lilly pad. Not sure about all the facts of the 2nd one but it's supposed to be a man made island with solar panels all around to provide power.

Any ideas for me to put up?