Monday, January 19, 2009

ICT in my classroom

I started this weekend in a strange way, I didn't bolt down the A9, didn't turn on the TV or games console but instead I participated in the flash meet and watched Teachmeet09 @BETT and since then my head has been spinning.

I enjoy working with computers, I spend lots of my time in front of them, talking about them and even fixing them but all these great new technologies I haven't really embraced in my classroom. I've never really seen how I could use them either.

I would now like to try and fix this. In the morning I am going to set up my class twitter account, I will then have the pupils in my senior classes do the same.

I am where possible going to use this to enable my pupils to work and discuss topics that have come up during lessons in and out of the classroom.

The idea of having a back channel up while teaching doesn't really scare me, I know in other schools it could be an issue but with the pupils I am working with this will not be a problem.

The other thing I am going to try is to issue a quick mobile phone quiz for the pupils. I got this idea from Joe Dale's blog and came up with a few (11) questions in order to test this out.

My aim is to test these out over the next week and see how I get on. If it proves successful I'll continue it, if not I'll revise it and try again.

I also have another tool to play about with – an IR pen. This along with a Wiimote will hopefully give me an interactive Wiiboard for my computer. Should this work their will be pictures.

Also – Must remember to follow up on the Cool Wall post from before with a picture of it.

To finish off I really enjoyed the Teachmeet on Friday, so much so I'm now looking forward to attending my first one in person in February down in the borders.


David said...

A Twitter backchannel in the classroom... you're a braver man than I. :-)

Make sure you let us know how it goes.

Neil Winton said...

In case twitter is blocked in your school (highly likely), there are a number other 'self-contained' twitter like applications you could use.

Be interested to see how you get on!

Anonymous said...

@David - It's gotta be worth a shot, so far the only problem that I've got is the macs in class can't access twitter, thinking it might be something to do with Safari so will try and install Firefox or Camino on them at some point this week. Any chance Jordanhill will be getting rid of the macs from the computing labs and you'd like to donate them???

@Neil - No such problems so far, I've got twitterdeck working and the kids can access the site, tey just can't use it at the moment.

Anonymous said...

oright andy one of ur old mates from the old belmont days here ,give us a shout back sometime,lovin the zelda stuff in ur blog ha

Anonymous said...

made my email public

krysia said...

fantastic - only the other night I was thinking how cool it would be to have a twitter back channel in the class. If you can display it on the whiteboard when your teaching then it would be great. nice to see your blog and also during the flashmeeting at teachmeet bett :-)

IainH said...

Waas good to 'meet' you in Flashmeeting the other night Andy. I really enjoyed watching the TeachMeet, although it wasn't as good as being there. Roll on the Borders!

How is your Twitter project going with your class?

Anonymous said...

@Krysia and @IainH The pupils haven't all taken to twitter yet, think it will take them a while to get used to it.

It was good to meet both of you in the flashmeet.

Mr McAlpine said...

mobile phone quiz?
how you working that?

Anonymous said...

I'd love to say the mobile phone quiz was my idea Olli but I got it from Joe Dale, here's the link to it:

I've made one of these so far, need to get back and do a few for Standard Grade.

Last I heard from you was that you were going to retire young, I take it the kids got to you in the end???